IDW Set to Launch Two New Transformers Titles in 2012

IDW Publishing released more information about it’s previously announced Transformers titles set to launch in January 2012. Robots in Disguise will focus on Bumblebee and other Autobots attempting to rebuild Cybertron, while More Than Meets the Eye will follow the adventures of Rodimus and a group of Transformers as they search for the mythical “Knights of Cybertron,” a long lost and possibly fictional order that previously protected Cybertron.

The publisher is working hard to make this a great place for new readers and lapsed Transformers fans to jump into the comic franchise. Picking up right after the events of “The Death of Optimus Prime”, the Transformers’ universe is set to embark on a long and interesting story arc that promises to entertain old and new fans alike.

Those concerned that they will have to pick up multiple books just to follow the storyline need not worry. “The two series will be going their separate directions, but will still be connected in some fairly unique ways,” says IDW’s Senior Editor and Robots in Disguise scribe John Barber. “There will be some overlap, but you won’t have to read More Than Meets the Eye #1 and then Robots in Disguise #2.”

Both books will be 32 pages long, going on sale in January 2012 with 5 covers (four of which that are interlocking) shipping 1 to 1, and come with temporary Transformers tattoos. Contact your local comic shop for more information or to reserve your copies.

More Than Meets the Eye
Writer: James Roberts
Artist: Nick Roche
Covers: Alex Milne, Nick Roche

Robots in Disguise
Writer: John Barber
Artist: Andrew Griffith
Covers: Marcelo Matere, Andrew Griffith

Click Below for Previews of the Two Cover Sets!

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