Status update! This is what I am doing!

In case you haven’t noticed, I have started posting here pretty frequently.  I’m not famous or anything, but I think if my plans go forward as… well… planned, it would be nice to have some sort of recorded of what was going on when it all happened.  Who knows, maybe some day I will have some fiction published and the three people that read it will want to know more about me.  So to them… “Hello my future three fans. I love you very much, now go to sleep mother because you have to work tomorrow.”

Also, I just feel like being more open and communicate more with the world… even if it is the digital equivalent of standing on a hill and yelling at people as they pass.  To my credit, I have also planned multiple physical communions with acquaintances long thought lost.  Wait, physical communions sounds like sex.  What I have planned is to meet with them, have something to eat, engage in a prearranged activity (such as watching a soccer match), and then have sex with them.

BUT! I digress.  I have finished my newest draft of the short story/novelette entitled “Far West.”  It will hopefully be first in many stories set in the same ongoing world.  That’s all I can give you.  It’s kind of a mystery type of story and I really don’t want to give anything away.  Hopefully I will have some news soon, but once it’s sent to where I am planning on sending it, don’t expect any news for awhile.  I am submitting it to an a publisher that actually physically publishes, so the response time is measured in months.

BUT TWO! Once I have “Far West” done I will go straight into a story currently entitled “Respawn.”  This story is going to be submitted to an online publisher, so who knows, it might get published before I even hear back about “Far West.”  I also have a very, very, very, very rough idea for a story after that which I am currently calling “Navigator.” I hesitate to even mention this one, because it’s seriously in the “I should write a story about a black cat” phase.  I just have an idea for an idea or two I want to explore and that’s all.  Who knows.

As always, I am crippled by the fear of rejection and hope that I don’t look back at this post thinking what a moron I was back in 2010…


P.S. – Here is a velvet painting of Charles Nelson Reilly.

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