Guerrilla Geek Content


I recently decided to get back into writing a bit, but was really disheartened when I realized a lot of my previously published content was no longer online. UGO has apparently changed its file directories and now all my articles for them are lost to the internet winds… but no big loss there. I basically only did generic “list” content for them anways. Guerrilla Geek was expected as Rory Purcell-Hewitt (owner, operator, de facto editor in chief) and I had spoke about web hosting being discontinued. But for some stupid reason, I didn’t backup my writing from the website.

I mentioned this on Facebook and Rory was nice enough to provide me with basically everything that was credited to me that was published on the site. I just imported said file and will be working over the next week or so to get it all cleaned up and sorted. So in the meantime, if there’s some new content that looks strange, has missing images, or has a strange author, that’s most likely why.

More stuff coming soon… hopefully.