Day Two: Summer is coming… errr… here…

Like I’ve mentioned on various social media and on this site, I’m bored. I guess I should update anyone that doesn’t keep up with me personally.

I’ve gone back to school. The original plan is to get some courses done at a local community college and then transfer out to Ohio State University to major in Electrical Engineering. After some reflection and some investigation, I decided that I am now going to focus more on the software and application end so I’ll be doing a Computer Science degree instead. That’s basically the short of it. Back in school, doing well, and working towards some realistic goals…


now it’s summer time. Unlike last summer, I decided not to take any classes and I’m incredibly bored.

Summer is coming

While a lack of sobriety and a pile of video games might sound like heaven to some people, it’s really dragging me down now that I’m into month two of doing absolutely nothing. In an effort to keep my sanity I’ve decided to re-dedicate myself to some good ol’ fashioned writing. To help get my groove back, I will be writing at least a couple hundred words daily most days here on the website, in addition to any writing I’ll be doing quietly as I prepare some pitches and submissions.

So keep an eye out. The website should start jumping again soon with talk of video games, comics, politics, and all sorts of other things that will likely make people hate me. It’s the internet, it’s to be expected. You’ve been warned!