Attention: Change of content focus

Hey anyone that might still stumble to this site from time to time. Haven’t been posting a lot, despite yet another promise to do so. We all know it wasn’t going to happen… but something has happened in the meantime. I’ve had a bit of a civic awakening. This website is going to start getting super political.

I have always been proud of America. I think with the exception of a rebellious few, there are few people that can escape childhood without getting sucked up into patriotism of some sort. It might have been an especially memorable Olympics, the enjoyment of the 4th of July, or even repeating a pledge to The United States every morning in our classrooms. Despite clear attempts of indoctrinating the youth, I think we can all agree that the United States can be pretty great sometimes. We’ve helped end wars, helped to end plagues, and boost economies around the world. We’ve also started wars, helped start a few plagues, and crumbled some economies around the world.

The point being this: America is dangerous. As a country we’re kind of like a loaded gun. When used properly, it can help provide food and security. When mishandled, we become a threat to ourselves and others. Many people are saying we’re approaching that point. I say we’ve actually past beyond that point decades ago, but are only now seeing the true ramifications of the problem.

I hope over the next few months as we pick our next president that I can bring you reflection and information without getting wrapped up into partisan politics. While I may be registered as a Democrat, I would legitimately consider voting for someone such a Rand Paul. I feel that privacy and liberty are important and need protected, and Rand Paul is one of the only candidates from either party to even pretend to care about them.

However, I would not call myself a Rand Paul supporter. At most I’m Rand-curious. My true support lies behind Senator Bernie Sanders. I want to disclose that day one. I don’t plan on changing my support, but I’ll let you know if it happens. I feel that full transparency and honesty are needed to have a valid political dialog, and while this isn’t an open forum, I hope that this does contribute to the overall discussion happening and can help you in the discussions you will be having with your family and friends over the next few months.

So what can you expect from me? I’m not going to promise daily content or anything, but I’m going to try to chime in with some insight from time to time. Maybe share some of my experiences as I help campaign for Senator Sanders and document my efforts to organize in Rural Southeastern Ohio. I’ve been watching a lot of news coverage and documentaries, so perhaps I will suggest a few noteworthy ones when I come across them.

But that’s all for now. Just a bit of fair warning that there’s going to be some nerdy civic speak, statistics, and political rumblings coming from me for the foreseeable future.

Carry on till then.