Wasn't lying about cooking.

In a recent update I made on facebook, I mentioned I had the menu all planned out for this week. Yesterday was beef and rice burritos. Today was Hamloaf, Garlic Mashed Red Skin Potatoes and Corn. I don’t want people to think I am a liar, because I am not. Here is my proof.

This is my plate... I took too much...

Now before anyone gets fresh, this was all more or less made from scratch. The only thing that was pre-prepared was the Hamloaf, and by pre-prepared I mean the local meat market had it raw in a tin pan ready to be seasoned and prepared. Those mash potatoes, they were whole potatoes a mere 45 minutes before this picture was taken.

I mashed these... WITH MY FISTS!!!

Want to know something else? Hand mashed motherfuckers. *drops the mic and walks off stag*

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    haha man, i loved the “i mashed these with my fists”. when i was in america we had “grits” for breakfast one day with some cooked breakfast thing and i don’t know if you have had it or heard of it but i thought of it for somereason when i read you cooked mash. oh and i didnt like grits. it was, as assumed, gritty.

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