World Cup Fever

It’s no secret that I am a soccer fan.  I am a supporter of my local club, The Columbus Crew, and a patriotic fan of our National Team.  I often forget that people don’t spend time watching Fox Soccer Channel or regional stations to watch the MLS.  It’s just such a large part of my life, I take it for granted.  I am reminded very frequently that I am a minority in the US.  For an example, here is a tweet from TheNerdyBird from Has Boobs, Reads Comics;

She’s definitely not wrong, but is this really different than any other sport?  The example I raised was how people only seem to care about swimming or speed skating every four years.  I don’t think you can really make a better comparison.  The Olympics roll around every four years, just like the World Cup.

Why do people suddenly care about less popular sports when these events roll around?  There’s a simple answer.  When you watch some of the best people doing anything, it’s an amazing thing to watch.  I recently watched the last match of this years Stanley Cup.  I typically don’t watch hockey, but this match was crazy.  You could tell it was two very talented teams playing their hearts out.  It was more entertaining than any other hockey match I have ever seen.  It was fast paced and aggressive.  If every hockey match was this entertaining, there is no doubt that I would watch hockey all the time.  There’s just something about watching the best people play their sport.

Of course, national pride also plays a lot into it.  Any time it’s the USA versus anyone, people will go crazy.  It does matter if it’s a hot dog eating contest, if you make it a matter of national pride, more people will pay attention.  So of course this sense of patriotism will only be multiplied by the size and importance of the event.

So, all this is to say… Welcome!  If you’re not a soccer fan, I hope this World Cup Fever spreads and turns into soccer herpes.  I know my soccer herpes flares up almost once a week, some times more.  If you’re enjoying all this, be sure to support your local leagues and clubs!  Spread the love.  Even if you don’t get the soccer herpes, thanks for joining us in this celebration of fun.

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