It feels good…

So I have been putting some feelers out on my novelette “Far West.” I sent a few copies out to some of my closer and more creative friends in order to get some feedback. It feels like I have been writing it in a vacuum, for lack of a better way of explaining it. I’m not a writer by education. I took some literature and creative writing courses in college, but my focus was music. So until I started doing my “grind” writing, I never really got constructive criticism on my writing. Between not having experience, never really getting criticism on my fiction writing and not really sharing the story till now, it’s been hard to gauge the quality of “Far West.”

Well, the feedback is slowly starting to trickle in and it’s more or less positive. It feels good. Yes, there are some issues, but they are issues that can be fixed. Just knowing it doesn’t suck does wonders for me and is encouraging me. Sometimes when you’re doing something that seems crazy from the inside, you feel crazy till someone on the outside lets you know you’re on the right track.

Just tonight I spoke to my buddy Ed about it all. He really got me thinking about some of the problems with the story and now I am excited to jump back into it. I think that after one more revision, this story will be done and it will be something I am really proud of. As it stands, the story is currently pretty good, but with what I have planned I think it will turn out being awesome. It may or may not sell at first, but at the very least I think it will get me some attention.

Right now I am working on another story I am calling “Respawn.” I am about a fourth of the way done with the first draft. I am getting better at just getting ideas down and not worrying about perfection on the first draft. That being the case, I am writing more. Sure, I might have to do revisions on what I write, but at least I am writing. That’s more than I have done in the past.

I am really excited about this new story because I am planning on trying to sell it to online publishers. This means that I should know within days if they want to buy it or not, not the months that can be expected for traditional print publishers. I should know by the end of July, if not sooner, if this story is going to sell. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to get paid a decent wage for writing something I like. It would be crazy. I’m hoping this will be the start to a new life where I will never need to write a review for a fishing pole again…

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