What friends are for

So in case anyone missed my tweets or update, I have submitted my first piece of fiction to a publisher Thursday night. Now I have sold plenty of writing before, but it’s always been prompted non-fiction. Reviews for home electronics, website posts and rewritten news stories have been my bread and butter for awhile now, but never someone 100% original.

The odds are against me. It’s rare for anyone to get published. It’s even more unlikely that the first story you submit will get published. Regardless, I have to be optimistic. The story itself is a very interesting one and I don’t think the writing is too shabby. I personally feel it is better written than some of the short stories I have read recently, but I’m completely bias. I really want this. My biggest hope is that I can go up to Context in August and at least be able to say I have sold a story. Again, that is very unlikely.

Needless to say I am nervous. I have been having problems sleeping, or at least more problems than normal. So I mention my nerves to my friend Ed and he gives me his words of comfort;

Thanks Ed… 😛

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