Real Life Grinding

I used to think that “grinding” in games, especially MMORPGS, was silly and not something that istrue to real-life.  Boy was I wrong.  To help supliment my income, help sharpen my writing skills and to just have something to do with my down time I have started a new job.  I signed up to a site that allows me to look at a list of writing assignments from various clients, choose what I would like to do and then get paid a per-word wage.   Most assignments are short little 200-500 word write ups that involve very little research.

So, over the course of last night I wrote about five different things.  Ranging from an article about the advantages to VOIP telephone services to a sales pitch for spam… errr… I mean “email marketing” software.  Yeah.  This is bottom of the barrel writing.  I don’t even get a by-line.  Not that I would want my name on some of this stuff.

Anyways, I thought I would let you in on some of the less glamorous stuff I am doing. 

In other news,  working on a sci-fi short story.  The problem is I haven’t seen the movie “Moon” yet, and I’m really afraid that my story may end up having a lot of similar themes or maybe even plot elements.  That being said, I an mounting an expedition to travel to Columbus tomorrow to see “Moon.”  Hopefully it will put my fears to rest and I will finally get to see what is being hailed as a great movie.

Say something... I dare you.