Something new, interesting and fun!!!

So I am a member of The Node. It’s a social site that was created by Chris Hardwick. He seems like a cool enough guy and the guy that invited me is super cool. With these two things in mind, I decided to be more active there than other social sites I have a profile on. This isn’t a very difficult feat seeing as I don’t recall the last time I logged onto Myspace and I really do nothing on Facebook even when I do log in… This is all besides the point though.

On The Node, I joined a group called “Daily Writers.” In this group, we’re partnered up with people and given a new topic every weekday. We then take ten minutes to write something related to the topic. Grammar, spelling or even being coherent be damned, this is an exercise about writing. I have decided that sharing this with my partner is great and all, but I also want to share it with everyone else.

So now I am going to start posting some of these exercises. I can’t promise they’ll be daily. Frankly, I miss a day or two (I’m a horrible partner). Also, I might want to keep something under my hat to use as the basis for something I want to write in the future. Inspiration can come from almost anywhere, so you never know. Anyways, keep an eye out and a couple times a week you will be seeing these daily writing exercises.

Say something... I dare you.