Daily Writings: untitled

Everything else had a title. Revenue Trends for 2010.xls, Marketing Assessments in Sports Sponsorship.rtf or intergalactic.mp3. Every single file on his laptop was meticulously labeled and organized by folders. So what could untitled.jpg be? Was it a picture of another woman?

Sally damned herself for looking at the recently opened files tab that accidently popped up on her boyfriend’s start bar. She had never had reason to distrust him in the past and fancied herself a modern girlfriend that was above this sort of drama, but she just couldn’t get the thought out of her head.

She hovered the mouse over untitled.jpg for another minute as she struggled to keep her curiosity in check. As the seconds passed she became more upset. Not so much at him, but at herself. What did it say about her that when confronted with a mystery that her mind instantly went to a dark place? Did it mean she secretly didn’t trust Thomas? Was she trying to sabotage a relationship that she thought seemed to be healthy and thriving?

Taking a deep breath, she finally moved the mouse away and the recently opened files window disappeared. She realized that she trusted Thomas and it felt as if weight lift off her shoulders. Maybe she had grown over the years. Things were looking up for Sally and Thomas.

Say something... I dare you.