New Article and some random thoughts

First off, I have another article posted at Guerrilla Geek,

Any ways, I don’t think I have been this tired and busy for awhile. After today I will have worked five of the last six days, I’ve written two articles while starting a third, helped Ed prepare for the upcoming VOR Trivia show and still got to level 57 with my Hunter in lotro. It’s been crazy, but being this busy allows me to feel less guilty when I take a day off like I did on Sunday.

I am hoping that once I get settled in with all this new stuff going on that I will be able to get refocused on my fiction writing. I think this time away will help me come back to the projects with fresh eyes.

Lastly, the KFC Doublicious is amazing. Everything else on their menu may suck, but that sandwich is just delicious. I give it my full support. =D

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