Life has been hectic lately

It’s amazing, I went from nothing but free time to feeling like I have no free time. I would be incorrect in that feeling, but it feels like the truth all the same. I think it really comes down to getting used to having stuff to do again. I have been working part time at Gamestop, writing at least one article a week at Guerrilla Geek, trying to work on my fiction (*note- This has been complete fail) and trying to keep normal household stuff like laundry in check (again fail.)

Before I get into whatever this post will eventually be about, I have written two more articles for Guerrilla Geek. Here’s the links;
An interview with Professor Elemental
A review of Haroula Rose’s new Album These Open Roads

It was really cool because my interview with Professor Elemental actually got linked by Warren Ellis. If I’ve ever talked comics with your or you’ve listened to Kneel Before Pod, you’ll know I am a HUGE Warren Ellis fan. It’s really strange to wake up one day and know that someone you really respect suddenly knows you exist.

Since the interview I have been trying to stay in touch with the Prof and I have to say, he is a super cool guy. I know I have been pimping him hardcore lately, but he really deserves it. He works with kids, raps, is clever and makes the sexy dance. What’s not to love? Speaking of which, I need to make sure I replied to his last email… Doing that now. This post can wait. If the tone completely switches, it’s because I took some time out and returned to this post later.

**20 minutes later**

Yeah, I’m a giant idiot and forgot to email him back. That’s been resolved.

Anyways, fuck it… I can’t remember what else I wanted to say. Nothing important. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season if that’s their thing.

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