Looking Forward

It’s been a little bit since I posted here. I have to say that I have been very busy. I am working more or less fulltime again at Gamestop. On top of that, I was made an editor over at the fine website Guerrilla Geek. I have been writing something over there at least once a week (click here to read my content) on top of heading up a couple projects. One is a year end awards presentation which will be going up next week! That’s right, the year is almost over!

I’m really excited about the end of the year. Despite being really rough, 2010 has been a very enlightening year for me. I have learned a lot and have really made a lot of progress in terms of my “career.” The next few months are going to be really big for me. Here are a couple highlights of what I have planned for the first half of 2011. For the sake of keeping things simple for tax purposes, I have been holding off on a couple important things. For example, the first thing on my list here;

A new website– Hopefully by the end of January Carlwatkins.com as it is today will be no more. I am going to be moving to a legit webhost. This will allow me to install my own themes, plugins and whatnot into the site. wordpress.com has been a great help, but it is a very limited service. Once I get the new site up and running, I will be able to host my own files and such, which will be a great help for the next item…

A new podcast– Yes, you read that correctly. I am making plans to start a new podcast. While I am keeping a lot of the details underwrap for the moment, I can tell you that old friends and new friends will be talking it up for your listening pleasure. I am hoping that this new show will be coming out every two weeks and will be a more polished show than Kneel Before Pod. KBP was literally unedited, freeform conversation. The new show will be shorter, edited and more traditional. This will in no way affect Kneel Before Pod.

KBP is more or less on indefinite hiatus. That is to say the show is on hiatus and we can’t define when it will be back. Ryan had a kid and has a lot going on at home. I’m busy with all that I’m working on. We have talked about doing more episodes, but it never really went beyond talk. As soon as I have news, I will pass it on.

More Guerrilla Geek– I have been really focusing a lot of energy into Guerrilla Geek. It’s a great bunch of people and it has a lot of potential. My experience there so far has just been amazing and I have really been enjoying myself. I plan on working with the other editors and contributors to get some great content setup. I hope to use my personal expertise to expand their scope and appeal. Keep checking over there, we have content five days a week!

More Fiction!– This year is my year as far as fiction goes. I am hoping to get some stuff published. I have a lot of ideas and once the new year rolls around, I will be re-dedicating myself to my fiction writing. Once I get a little bit of attention, I am hoping that I will be able to do a serial of sorts on carlwatkins.com for free. We’ll see what’s in the cards.

Just more Carl– With everything that’s in the works, all my plans and things I am doing to get myself even better connected I am hoping to achieve my goal of just turning myself into a brand. Someone that people can turn to for information and entertainment. I want to thank the people that support me and say I really appreciate how much faith some of you have in my talents. I hope to continue my professional growth, but at the same time remain the open and accessible person I have been for the past couple years. Ultimately, I want to just become one with the internet. I provided a visual aid below;

Anyways, I hope everyone is in good health and I hope everyone’s 2011 is the best year ever!


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  1. Jeff SengenbergerNo Gravatar
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    I was not aware of Ryan”s pending fatherhood. Please pass on my congratulations. I look forward to your new show and hopefully once the dust settles for Ryan, some new KBP. I understand that life gets in the way but you two have great chemistry and I for one enjoy your conversations. Good luck in the new year.

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