Another day, another no dollars

Today is another day off. I am going to try to get some work done. I have a pretty full list of things to do, but I have to be sure to focus on one at a time less I want to get nothing accomplished.

The most important thing I think is proofreading of the Far West short story. The plan is to submit either it or another story that I have been working on to the Writers of the Future competition. It’s really coming along and really reads like a completely different story. I’m almost proud of it. Though I would put money down that the feeling will be short lived. I am rarely happy with my work for very long. If anything, I might be the victim of over-self-editing. There are clear advances in my writing and the quality of the stories, so I will keep the course for the time being. I think I might start releasing a flash fiction or two on the site that I don’t think I will ever sell because they’re crappy, but then again, I don’t want crappy work out there representing me… especially on my own site. Maybe once I have some good content floating around out there I will release it with a tag explaining that these are baby pictures and not my real work.

I am also hoping to get some podcasting tests done today with the help of Ed. If all goes well, I might start recording actual episodes within a week or two. Very excited. I already talked to a few people about joining me on the show and it seems that everyone I have spoken to is on board. Going to be some familiar faces for the Kneel Before Pod listenership, but there will be some surprises as well. Expect a formal announcement of the show sometime this month.

That’s enough talk. I am going to get started on my day. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  1. JeffNo Gravatar
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    You could put an altenate site together for all your crappy work and call it or somthing. Just a thought.

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