The Story of Charlie Davies

Anyone that follows United States soccer noticed the hole in the 2010 World Cup team. Despite having some positive results, one thing the team struggled with was scoring. As the team approached the World Cup, Charlie Davies was THE American striker. He is one of only four Americans to ever score a goal in the dreaded Azteca Stadium in Mexico. Davies was on a hot streak and all signs pointed to him being a large part of the American World Cup victory.

That is until October 13, 2009. On that day almost nine months before the World Cup he was in a terrible traffic accident in Washington DC. The accident would claim the life of his friend and keep Davies off the pitch for over a year. Now on loan to the MLS club DC United, Davies is back in action.

He made his MLS debut against The Columbus Crew. My team. My Club. He scored two goals against us… and I couldn’t be happier. Welcome back Charlie. We missed you.

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