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A few notes about things forthcoming from the Watkins Compound:

I have been working hard to get my hours at my day job reduced. After a week vacation for my assistant manager that happens next week, I should be firmly back into my part time rut. I am in firm belief that this, along with me setting up better working conditions here at home, will lead to a boom in productivity. One of my goals is to be posting some actual content on the blog here again and not just music videos that tickle my fancy. I think you will also be seeing more content from me on Guerrilla Geek possibly including an idea I had for a weekly feature. More details to come…

Podcast. Quite a few of you have been on my balls about this one. There’s a lot going on despite the overall lack of activity. I recorded a pilot episode with Ed a few weeks back and frankly it just wasn’t good enough. It was no fault of Ed and honestly would have been terrible if not for his experience and professionalism. I wasn’t prepared, I had no direction and I didn’t really think it through. The episode might get released to the public at some time, but I don’t see it getting posted anytime soon.

It really seems like there are a lot of people podcasting now. When Ryan and I started Kneel Before Pod, podcasting was still kind of a fringe thing. There were a lot of people out there doing it, but it was still pretty unique. Now it seems that everyone and their mother has a podcast. This was a kind of frustrating realization to me the other day and I actually toyed with the idea of scrapping the project completely. It seemed like time working that could have been spent on something that would distinguish me from the crowd more affectively.

Worry not though, the podcast is still going to happen. Once I got over my butthurt, I decided that the only true course of action is to make a podcast so great that it stands out on its own. With that in mind, it’s back to the drawing board and back in line for my attention. I will not release something I think isn’t quality. So just keep your britches on and Everything will work out soon enough.

That’s about all I have right now. Read Guerrilla Geek, keep on tweeting and have a great weekend folks!

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