A Word on Sympathy and Good Taste

Early yesterday morning Jackass star Ryan Dunn was involved in a fatal car crash. He was coming from a bar and there were pictures of him with a drink in his hand a couple hours before the accident posted on his tumblr. Of course, the logical conclusion is that he was drinking and driving. For all we know, there’s a slim possibility he was completely sober. We may never know… but…

After an outpouring of “RIP”s and “We’ll miss you”s, some very mean things started coming out over twitter and other social media site. People saying he got what he deserved because he was drunk driving and generally distasteful jokes. Even Roger Ebert got in on the “fun.”

What does this accomplish though? As much as you scold Ryan Dunn for his possible drunken driving, he will never hear it again. He’s dead. It’s not like he got pulled over by the cops and will be able to see all the “clever” things that were said about him while he was sleeping it off in the county jail. That being said, there are people that are reading them. His friends and family.

I have lost people dear to me before and I couldn’t imagine how much more painful the ordeal would have been if I happened upon people saying terrible things about the recently deceased. The only people that are going to see your hateful and mean messages are the true victims of this incident: the people that have survived the loss of a son, a good friend or a lover.

So feel free to have you fun, but just remember you’re not taking the piss with Ryan Dunn because he can’t hear you any more.

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  1. valentineNo Gravatar
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    but you know he was probably drunk right? seriously though, even if he wasn’t, trying to correct the behavior of dicks saying these awful things is pointless. well, trying to correct them by making them feel bad anyway. the only way to deal with it is to ask them square on and in all seriousness, “why does it make you feel good to that someone you dont know burned to death?” they’ll deny it but they’ll always know that you called them on their shit.

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