Porkchop sandwiches!

As I sit here debating on how to prepare the pork chops I defrosted, I thought I would take a moment to update this poor neglected blog…

I am no longer a keyholder at *insert videogame store*. While it came more suddenly than I would have like, it was a demotion I requested. This is a good news/bad news situation. Good news is that I am down to about one day of work a week and will have plenty of time to start working on the various projects I have been putting off. The bad news? I am only working about one day a week and I’m now going to be even more poor than before. It’s a trade off, but hopefully I will get back into making money mode soon and not even miss that *video game store* money.

Some of the things I hope to get back on top of:

Fiction writing
non-fiction writing
Expanding Guerrilla Geek’s influence and power (mwah ha ha)

Seriously, I haven’t had time to read in months. To me reading a book is kind of a guilty pleasure. When I am reading everything else is stopped. I’m not emailing, I’m not tweeting, I’m not writing, I’m not listening to music and I’m just sitting there… reading. It feels like a luxury I shouldn’t be afforded. The problem I have noticed with my lack of reading is that it makes it harder for me to write fiction. When I am reading, my mind is working in words. Sure, every day I am talking and typing to people, but that is more in a discussion format. While this is great for non-fiction stuff that I do for Guerrilla Geek and other freelance stuff, it’s not really suited for fiction. A couple days of reading and my brain snaps back into fiction mode.

All that being said, I have taken the advice for my friend Cole. I watched the Harry Potter movies and have promptly skipped ahead in the series to Goblet of Fire. So far I’m enjoying it 100x more than Sorcerer/Philosopher’s Stone. My friend Julie likes to remind me that the first book was written with children in mind, which I think is a rubbish excuse. Even if it wasn’t a terrible excuse, it only further illustrates my point that children ruin everything. It’s a fact. Whenever I want to see something interesting, hear something cool or play something fun it seems like someone is trying to stop it from existing for the sake of children. Fuck children. I want boobs on TV because I like boobs.

I think I am going to scrap all my work on the podcast and start over. I will keep the name and all the awesome art that Ed did for me, but as far as content goes I need to start over. The episode I recorded with Ed was crap. He was amazing and was frankly the only good part of the episode. I was unprepared and not very entertaining… you know… everything you want in a host.

Anyways, I have been writing this for a few minutes and am no where closer to deciding how to prepare my pork chops for dinner. That being said, I am going to wrap it up. Keep your eyes open and I’m sure there will be content soon.

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