Late Night Musing on Alternate Realities

So I’m sitting here thinking about alternate realities as I beat back sleep. I believe the notion of an alternate reality where we are ourselves, only slightly different, has to be statistically less probable than a reality where everything is completely different.

As time goes on, we make more and more decisions. Each decision leading to another. For example, I have to choose fish or chicken. There’s a 50/50 shot that in another reality that I would choose the same thing. So we find all the other Carls that also chose chicken. Then we have to ask peas or carrots with that dinner. So now it’s a 50/50 chance that some of those chicken eaters also chose peas as the side dish with their chicken dinner. So the with each next choice in the progression of time, my chance of making the same choice gets progressively smaller. First choice 50%, then 25%, then 12.5%. And that’s just my own choices.

What about the choices of my parents, and their parents, and my neighbors. All the decisions that are made that affect my life. Then we have to factor in sheer dumb chance. The chance that I was born a girl and not a boy? These all have their affect and with each factor I am further and further away from my prime existence. I think it’s more likely if you travel to an alternate reality that you would be dead or never born at all.

Say something... I dare you.