A Thought on Dating Magic Players

By now I’m sure many people are familiar with the post on Gizmodo by Alyssa Bereznak. In case you’re not, here’s the short of it. Alyssa signed up for OK Cupid one day and after a bunch of creepy messages, she finally got a somewhat normal one. She decided to meet the fella and it turns out that he was actually a world champion Magic: The Gathering Player. She apparently thought that he was a “dweeb” (direct quote from her twitter about the guy) and that he should have listed this accomplishment on his OK Cupid profile. Let me be clear, this guy is a legend in Magic. He’s a multi-time world champion, had his likeness put on a card and makes at least part of his living through Magic and helping design other card games. That’s just to say this isn’t just a hobby for some guy living in his grandmother’s basement. She then went onto to write a very mean spirited piece on Gizmodo about her experiences.

A lot of people have been piling onto Ms. Bereznak, and rightfully so, but there has to be other questions asked. Bereznak was an intern for the website and not an actual employee. That being said, I think it’s safe to assume she didn’t have privileges to post whatever she wanted on Gizmodo. Most websites don’t even allow fulltime, paid writers to post to the site without first going through an editor. So while the piece was mean spirited and petty, it wasn’t just Bereznak that thought this was worthy of Gizmodo’s glorious pages.

It’s very likely that this piece was submitted, an editor looked over it and then said “Yes, this is the very sort of thing that Gizmodo needs to post.” So why aren’t we holding that editor accountable? This person, who I’m sure is paid to do their job, thought it was perfectly acceptable to publish a spiteful little piece that alienates and degrades a portion geekdom and of their own fanbase.

While I think Alyssa Bereznak should be the bottom line when it comes to responsibility of this article, we can’t forget that it wasn’t just her that was putting out this garbage. Let’s hold the website and its editors responsible as well.

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