Their Demise is Greatly Exaggerated…

For the past few months, I have seen a lot of doomsayers claiming that Nintendo will have to close or at least stop production on hardware. I’m not sure where all this negativity is coming from, but I personally find it hilarious. Firstly, Nintendo has completely dominated the handheld market since the Gameboy released in 1989. They have went up against Sega, Sony, Atari and many other companies; all of which have failed to take the market from Nintendo. Secondly, the 3DS isn’t even a failure yet. Right now Nintendo is only competing with themselves in the handheld market. People are still buying the DS and are slow to adopt the 3DS. Maybe when the PS Vita comes out later this year Nintendo will have some competition, but as it stands right now it’s a two horse race and both horses are owned by the same person.

Something else that is really blowing my mind is that some people are stating that the Wii was a failure. From an economic stand point, the Wii might be the most successful system of all time. From day one Nintendo has been selling the Wii for a profit. While Microsoft and Sony took a loss for every system they sold at launch, Nintendo was putting money back into their pocket. Now combine that with the fact that the system sold so well, that has to be a huge sum of money. Sure the Wii might not be a critical darling, but it made Nintendo plenty of money.

Lets compare this recent history with what happened with Sega back when they were in the hardware game. The last truly successful system Sega had was the Genesis. After the Genesis, Sega released the Game Gear, the Sega CD, the 32x, the Saturn and then lastly the Dreamcast. That’s ten years, two standalone systems, one handheld (two if you count the Nomad) and two systems add-ons without having a truly successful system launch. That is a level of failure that Nintendo has yet to achieve.

Just remember that these people that are trying to talk you into thinking Nintendo is dying are the same people that have said PC gaming is dying for a decade or two. Nintendo has a couple free passes left before they’re going anywhere.

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