Too Many Plates in the Fire. Also *BONUS MUSIC TIME!*

Or is it too many irons on my plate? Meh…

Regardless, I have just too much going on for as lazy as I am. I have a couple music albums that need reviewed, multiple articles that need edited for Guerrilla Geek, a submission packet to finalize for a comic I’m sending to Dark Horse, organizing the return of Kneel Before Pod and I’m still trying to write content for Guerrilla Geek. All this while I work part-time in retail. It’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done and I am just too lazy to get shit out the door.

Something really needs to change if I want to get things rolling around here. The good news is that I think my submission packet is all but done now. I just need to read over everything one last time to make sure I didn’t make any really stupid mistakes, put it in an envelope, mail it and pray. I’ve let a few people read over the script and it’s getting great feedback. I just hope it’s enough to get noticed.

Sorry internet, just venting frustrations over my own shortcomings. I mean, I can’t be mad at everyone else all the time. Sometimes I have to save some of that anger for myself ^_-

As promised, here is some music time!

Say something... I dare you.