Is the Honeymoon Over?

In general, many people have a problem with other people in positions of authority. Very few people like to be told what to do. It’s just human nature. With that in mind, the relationship between police officers and your regular joe on the street has been tense at times. Over the years various groups of people have rioted for various reasons, some reasons better than others. Pigs, Fuzz, The Man: As long as there have been polices officers, there have been people that disliked them. Though I think that following the events of 9/11, the police in general have been riding on a wave of goodwill from the American population.

Some of you might not remember this, but before 9/11, things that involved the police were ticking time bombs. In 1992 LA burned for six days when the officers that beat Rodney King were acquitted. That same year the movie Reservoir Dogs was released. The movie contained a quick exchange between Mr. Pink and Mr. White that would be the center of many conversations with my friend Donny back in College.

Did You Kill Anybody?

Mr. Pink: Did you kill anybody?
Mr. White: A few cops.
Mr. Pink: No real people?
Mr. White: Just cops.

Could you imagine dialog like that in a movie a few years ago? There would have been hell to pay. Even now, I think there would be plenty of people offended and voicing their displeasure over it. But every day I think it’s getting to the point that it would slide past and only be a story on Fox News.

Every day on my twitter, on Reddit, or just talking to people in my store I am hearing more and more unrest. More people saying “Fuck the Police” and other such now cliche anti-authority slogans. It now seems like a near daily occurrence that someone is getting beaten, shot or sprayed while protesting in their city. Each time I see a video from the Occupy movement, the demonstrators are seemingly more and more hostile towards the police. How many more times till it’s the last time? Will the ineptitude of politicians and the ill=deeds of a couple terrible cops going to lead to riots in major cities across the country?

I hope not. I hope that we can move ahead as a nation and try to make the country a great place to live for as many citizens as we can. But hoping isn’t enough, and I fear that we’re quickly approaching that moment where a couple people are going that last dumb decision and throw us all into social unrest.

Say something... I dare you.