Movie Club!

Hey there internet people. I was talking to the always amazing VOR Ed, and an idea I’ve had for awhile came up. For years I’ve wanted to have a movie club. I love movies and I love to talk about the movies I love.

The idea is that eventually this leads to a physical club that meets up, but for the time being I fear it will have to be a digital club. That means a movie is picked, everyone watches said movie, then we discuss it. The details are still a little fuzzy, but I think Google+ might be a good place to have it. We can start a group for text discussions, then we can have Google Hangouts once a week to discuss it over video chat! And if it does well, maybe we can even make a bit of a video podcast out of it.

Of course none of this is decided. We might opt for a traditional message board or something else of that nature. So is this something anyone would be interested in? Leave a comment here or get me on twitter, G+, or Facebook.

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    I dig it.

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