PSA: Steam Summer Sale is coming! Here are some tips.

It’s that time of year again. The time when the anuses of PC gamer’s wallets around the world pucker in fear! It’s the Steam Summer Sale! Reports around the internet are claiming that the first of Steam’s two big bi-annual sales is set to start in less than an hour. What does this mean to the uninitiated?

It means it’s time for a retail miracle! Steam, which is Valve’s digital distribution platform, partners up with game publishers and indie game producers to offer across the board savings, often times up to 75% off the retail price. With PC gaming on the rise, I figured I should share some tips to all you budding PC gamers!

1: Don’t Blow Your Wad Early
The first day of the sale can be overwhelming to young gamers. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a multi-day sale, and this year looks to be eleven days or more. While there are some deals that will run the entire course of the sale, there are many daily deals. Try using Steam’s built in Wishlist feature to keep track of the games you really want. Determine how much money you can afford and want to spend, then further break that amount into impulse buying and saving for the games on your list. You’ll thank me later when saved some money for when Max Payne 3 is on sale for $25 a few days into the sale. Pace yourself: patience is key!

2: Buy in Bulk
Much like traditional wholesale and big box stores, often times the best deal is when you buy in bulk. Often times publishers will package part or all of their catalog into a bundle with huge savings. Historically, one of the best deals is Valve’s Complete Collection. Typically a steal at $99, this bundle that will net you EVERY game Valve has ever release often dips down to $50 or less. This bundle of over 20 games, including the Half Life franchise, Portal 2, and much more, is a great place for new PC gamers to start their collection. Word on the street is that 2k, THQ, Rockstar, and Activision will all be offering up bundles this year.

3: The Last Day is Your Friend
Traditionally, the final day of the sale is dedicated to offering a handful of “last chance” items. That is to say select sale items from previous days will be offered one last time. This is the perfect opportunity to burn off the last few dollars you might have in your Steam Wallet and pick up a few new favorite games that might not have originally made your wishlist.

4: Have Fun!
Often times video games fall into the realm of “serious business,” so it can be easy to forget that they’re meant to be fun. The Steam Sale should also be fun! Often times Valve will run special promotional events that when complete will unlock in game items such as DLC or TF2 items. Get onto Reddit and talk to your fellow PC gamers about what you bought. Keep an eye on what your friends are purchasing and think about picking up any multiplayer games they might have bought. Pick up extra copies of games to trade or gift to your friends later!

These are just a few basic things to keep in mind during the next week or so. Feel free to comment on here with any great deals you might have found, and keep an eye on the website and my twitter. I will be sharing awesome deals that get my attention daily!

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