Steam Summer Sale Alert! Batman Bundle 82% Off!

If you’ve never played Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, you’re really missing out on some quality gaming. With a combat system similar to Assassin’s Creed and a story written by the legendary Paul Dini, it’s not just good for a superhero game; it’s just a good game. If you’re one of those poor souls that haven’t played these gems, they’re on sale for about nine hours tonight. You can pick up Asylum, City (and it’s DLC), and Gotham City Impostors for the insanely low price of $24.99. That’s a full 82% off retail price for the bundle.

If you’re just looking to get one of the games, you’re still in luck! Each game in the bundle is also available separately for at least 66% off, which is still a great bargain. You need to pick up these games. Trust me… I’m a podcaster.

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