Introducing “The Dose”

It seems that every couple days I get links, pictures, videos and what not that I saw months ago. It’s the curse of the internet. When a majority of your time is spent online, you tend to see a lot of stuff. I have no one to blame but myself. How can you expect people that have real jobs and social lives to browse reddit, twitter, and all that fun stuff in order to find the very best (and worst) the internet has to offer.

Now I’m going to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. While I surf the internet, I am going to keep a log of some of the greatest nuggets the internet has pooped out. The next day I will collect them into a single post. Think of me as your internet taste tester. I will distill the internet into its purest essence… which will most likely be guys getting hit in the balls, cat videos, and an occasional kickstarter project. If it’s not new, hopefully it will be new to you. Even if it’s not new to you, odds are it’s going to be awesome!

The goal is this will be a daily feature, or at least every week day. So hopefully you all enjoy it. The first post will be going up tomorrow at 9am EST.

Say something... I dare you.