Steam Summer Sale Alert: Assassin’s Creed Franchise 73% Off

Imagine my surprise as I clicked on “Assassin’s Creed Revelations” on the front page of the Steam sale, which is listed as 66% off, and saw that it’s actually the entire franchise bundle that is discounted for the next twenty-six hours. And it’s not just 66% off, oh no. If you pick up the Assassin’s Creed collection you get all four games and the DLC for Revelations for 73% off. The list price for these games is nearly $130 if bought separately when not on sale, but today you can get the whole lot for $34.99. You don’t have to be Matt Damon to do that math. This is yet another steal offered up by Steam and the good folks at Ubisoft.

I figured if I was making the mistake, others must be as well. I wasn’t interested in buying the games separately since I was planning on buying the whole bundle at the end of the sale. If you were planning to do something like that, now is your time to strike! Make your wallet weep! Buy more games!!!!

Say something... I dare you.