The Dose: July 26th, 2012

Time for the D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DOSE!

The other day I stumbled onto a very interesting post on Reddit. Inside were the instructions that were sent out to theaters when Gone With the Wind was released. The projectionist that shared them gave some commentary and explained that now days showing movies is kind of an artless push of the button. Regardless of today’s state, the thought that went into the presentation of Gone With the Wind is pretty interesting.

Now it’s time for a video from The Onion News Network. It seems that every other day I see something from The Onion that makes me questions whether it’s satire or not. When I saw the title of the video without knowing the source, I thought it was legit.

Thor and Deadpool Cosplay

Thor and Deadpool Cosplay

As a general rule, I’m pretty much over Deadpool. Much like Wolverine, he’s just overplayed and overexposed. While his antics can be cheeky and charming, it’s just getting a touch old to me. However, the person that is cosplaying as Deadpool in this gif is now my new hero.
Lastly, here is a little gem of fanart from Team Fortress 2. When I found it, there was no source. Sorry original artist, I would love to credit you, but I don’t know who you are!

Say something... I dare you.