The Dose: July 30th 2012

Just happened to be up at 6am, thought I would at least post something for you guys today…

Major League Soccer can have a polarizing effect on American soccer fans. Some will say it’s America’s future, some will say it’s America’s present, and yet others will say it’s a retirement league for international players with no real future. Regardless of how you feel about the league, one thing is for sure… it’s very personable. I’m not sure how it does in other stadiums, but at Columbus there will always be players taking time out of their evening to shake hands and sign autographs. Over the years, I have met many great players this way. If I tweet at players, often times I will get a reply. Players in the MLS understand that engaging fans is an easy way to make people happy.

All that in mind, this story from Deadspin about the Columbus Crew’s Chad Marshall and his teammates replying to the tweet of a SKC fan is just hilarious.

Lastly, a video…

The Olympics are typically something I really get into. For years, I have watched weeks worth of obscure events of both the summer and winter varieties. This year is different though. For some reason I really can’t get excited about them. Maybe it’s because I waste so much time on a regular basis, such a time consuming pastime seem gratuitous. Or maybe it’s the distinct lack of Rollerball as a sport:

Say something... I dare you.