Reactions: Bulletstorm Demo Goes Live

The demo for People Can Fly’s much anticipated game Bulletstorm was released today in a bloody hail of gib and blood. The game has a heavy focus on rewarding players for killing their enemies in creative fashions. Below is a video demonstrating the “Kill with Skill” gameplay.

[Warning: This video is for a Mature rated title that contains gore and swearing]


My initial reaction to the game was laughter. The foul mouthed space pirate Grayson Hunt introduces the essential play elements and weapons in a very humorous video which ends with him encouraging you to show your mom what you can do. Soon you are on your way as you attempt to put the “agony” in “protagonist.”

The gameplay is fast but controllable. A no point did I feel like the speed was keeping me from accomplishing my goals of murdering every mutant in the very worst ways possible. Be it impaling my enemies on the surrounding scenery or shooting an airborne mutant with an overcharged flare to turn them into a meaty fireworks display, I never stopped being impressed by the unique ways the game found to let you just destroy the waves of hapless mutants. Frankly, if they weren’t trying to kill you, I would almost feel sorry for the poor sods that get in your way.

The three weapons that you are given in the demo are a lot of fun to play with and leave you really wanting to see what else People Can Fly has in store for the game. Each weapon has a primary function and then an overcharge feature which usually turns the gun into some weapon of mass destruction that cuts through entire rows of enemies. More impressive if the fact that almost everything in the environment is a weapon as well. Ledges, exposed electrical wires and spikes can all be used to ruin someone’s day.

If the demo is a fair representation of what the full game has to offer, Bulletstorm could be the shooter of choice to break the monotony of the five million Modern Warfare look-a-likes out there.

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