DC Comics’ Website Brings the LOLz

In case you missed it, “writer” and “artist” Rob Liefeld has completely lost his mind. He has left all his books at DC Comics and then as a proactive move, started tweeting about the decision. He claimed he wanted to get the truth out there before the publisher started to spin the news. It all started out okay, but it quickly got ugly.

Soon Liefeld started making personal attacks against both editorial and creative talents. Not content with saying his previous editors are fat or small dicked, he moved on to even attacking his collaborators. In one tweet, he lashes out at Grifter artist Scott Clark:

Where things really get entertaining is when he starts picking a fight with Batman scribe Scott Snyder. After Rob made some remarks about the fate of DC Comics being all Batman related comics, Snyder asked via Twitter direct message if the shots were directed at him. Luckily Liefeld published this conversation in hopes of showing people how he’s being mistreated, but it seems the plan back fired as Snyder really doesn’t seem to be anything but nice and respectful. Eventually this peaks with Liefeld telling Snyder he didn’t give a shit about his opinion of their co-workers. The entire conversation reads like a madman that is slowly losing touch with sanity.

What people might not have realized is that DC Comic farms tweets from their creators to post on the front page of the DC website. I figure they are just automatically harvested, if not… it makes the following picture so much better.

Yep, that is Scott Snyder on the front page of dccomics.com making fun of Liefeld’s pouch fetish and calling him out on his work on Deadpo…. errrr… Deathstroke and Hawkman.

Say something... I dare you.