An update and a preview!

So lets just start off with the goods. I have been working with a wonderful artist by the name of Beau Wright to get one of my comics off the ground. She’s a wonderfully talented young lady from Chicago. I really feel like she has the potential to really go far as an artist. The story we’re working on is called T.E.L.M., a story which some of you may formerly know as Tesla Force. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but here is the first page without lettering.

I think we can all agree that this is some great art. Unfortunately, the draft of the script I originally sent out to Dark Horse a year or two ago was complete rubbish, so I am in the process of rewriting the whole thing. This project was originally planned to be a kickstarter project, but Beau’s art is so good I was actually inspired to try to pitch the story to some publishers first. So I’ll keep you guys in the loop about that project as it develops over the next month or so.

I recently spoke of wanting to participate in the Top Cow talent search. Since that time, I decided not to. I don’t want to talk crap or speak ill of anyone in public, but I just don’t think I would be a good fit at that company. The good news is that it will leave me with plenty of time to focus on other projects… like…

Star-Crossed is a five page story that I sent out to 2000AD a couple weeks ago. It should be arriving at their offices any day now. I recently started reading 2000AD and I really have fallen in love with it. Honestly, I love anthology magazines and am glad that a few publications are keeping that trend alive. I know everyone at my local comic book shop have been talking up Clint by Mark Millar. Odds are I will eventually start picking it and Heavy Metal up on a regular basis. Though to be fair, Heavy Metal kind of swings back and forth when it comes to quality. I would love to see all these mentioned magazines do well in the US. I would love to see some of the larger publishers get back into the anthology game.

Alright, that’s all for now. As I focus on some writing, I don’t think I’ll be posting on here much. I will update whenever I get some news. Also, I am going to get the promised interviews out the door ASAP. They have been completed, but I’m a terrible person and spread myself too thin.

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