Almost Election Day Update

First off, I hate you presidential election. Somehow, this election has gotten completely off the rails. It’s no longer about facts and addressing serious issues. It’s all just silliness now. I mean, most modern elections are like that, but this one seems especially bad because I live in Ohio and we’re apparently the only state that matters now. I think it was Bloomberg Magazine’s website that said if you took all the ads aired in Ohio and played them back to back, it would take you over a month to watch them. It’s insane. Billboards, radio ads, targeted internet ads on youtube and hulu, television, phone calls all day… it’s about enough to make a person not care anymore. I can’t even sit in a restaurant without hearing some ill-informed idiot talking about what one candidate or the other did (but actually didn’t do because someone lied.)

Alright, now that I have that out of my system…

Been writing a lot lately. I’m almost 5,000 words into a short story rewrite. The story in question is Respawn. Some of you may have read it years ago. After the successful rewriting of Tesla Force, I felt it would be worth the time to give Respawn another shot and submit it to some more markets. Even in this super rough draft, I think it’s better than the original version. Hopefully I will be able to get it published next year.

I am also outlining a comic entitled “The Wastes.” It’s a pretty fun one. Post-Apocalyptic filled with bandits, mutants, and everything else a growing boy needs. It will likely be about 5-6 issues, I currently have the first 3 pretty solidly plotted. I know how the story ends, it’s just a matter of finding the right roads to get there. Will likely just submit it to Dark Horse and the other couple publishers that accept writer only submissions. If it goes nowhere, it will sit on the pile of things to work on after I finish up with TELM.

Speaking of TELM… The first issue script is mostly done. I have gotten the pages to Beau. Once she completes the pages I chose for presentation, we’ll start shopping it around to publishers. I think I will try Avatar Press first. For some reason, it really just feels like something they would be keen on. The nice thing about having an artist attached is that I can submit it to nearly any publisher outside of the big two. Honestly, I don’t think they would have any interest in the story anyways because the art style isn’t really mainstream comic book.

Still waiting to hear from 2000AD. Not expecting to get a reply for at least a couple more weeks, if even this year. I’m thinking that if they don’t pick up the story, I might just publish the script on the website. Not really a whole lot I can do with a 5-page script. That or maybe hold onto it, make my own little anthology to self-publish. Get some artist friends involved, each one doing a different script.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea… Sorry, thinking onto the page here.

Got my last round of questions in from an interview subject, so I reckon I will start posting some of those this month. Really need to get these out the door. Feel like an idiot that it has taken so long…

That’s all for now my little lovelies. I will try to keep the site up to date.

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