Personal and Professional, among other things.

Firstly, let me just say I hate Windows 8. Unlike a lot of people that are bitching and whining about UI differences, my gripe is coming from a technical stand point. Basically the way that a Windows 8 pre-installed computer boots has left me unable to repair a pretty basic operating system problem. If I could only access BIOS, I’m sure I could resolve it, but alas I can’t. Luckily my computer is under warranty, so I am going to be sending it in. The unfortunate part is that it is going to further delay the interviews I have been teasing about for the past five years. I’ll be on top of it within a week or two though.

Now on to the note of personal and professional persona. I am going to make a very clear divide between the two going forward. Things such as my website and twitter will be mostly free of personal stuff. My personal life is mine, and frankly I don’t think it’s that entertaining. So from now on, stuff like that is only going to be posted on things like my personal Facebook profile, which will only accept friend requests from people I actually know or have worked with. On the flip side, this website, my Facebook page, and Twitter feed are going to change slightly in tone. These sites will represent my professional persona, which granted isn’t much different than my personal persona, but hopefully it will be more entertaining and filled with a whole lot less boring nonsense that no one cares about.

That’s all for now kids.

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