Updates and Downdates

Greetings internet. In February I started a new full-time job. This combined with being lazy has cut my production down to almost non-existent, but there is some stuff to talk about.

TELM header

In September I will be at the Small Press Expo in North Bethesda, Mary’s Land. I won’t have a table per se, but I will be slowly annexing territory from ones Mr. Ed Siemienkowicz (of Chrome and Dust) and Mr. Mike Wagganer (of Deep Space Tragedy.) You might recognize these two fella from the Voice of the Republic podcast that I have been lucky enough to be co-hosting lately. If all goes to plan (and honestly when does it?) I will have an 8 page Ashcan comic to preview TELM. The plan is to sell these ashcans for $1 each. This isn’t even cost. I’ll be selling them at a loss. I would prefer to just give them away, but I can’t afford to give someone $2 worth of printing just so they can throw it in the trash. Hopefully the $1 will make sure the books don’t go to waste and end up in the hands of someone that will appreciate it.

In the case that you can’t make it to SPX, don’t want to spend $1 on an 8 page book with no dialog (hasn’t been lettered yet), or simply prefer a digital format, it will be available 100% free on TELMcomic.com. For the moment that website is just a blank WordPress site, but by September it will be filled with pictures and information… and eventually a free ashcan in the form of a .cbr and .pdf.

My hopes is to build up some buzz among readers and maybe even attract the attention of some publishers. We’ll see what happens. One way or another, this book is getting made. Even if I have to depend on Kickstarter to fund it.

I’m sure I will tweet and post some more information about SPX and TELM as it comes up. So be vigilant!

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