Rest Well my Familiar

This morning my long time companion. Sunny was a mean cat who only tolerated my mother because she often fed her. The only person in the world she ever really warmed up to was me. It was because of this close bond that I would jokingly call her “my familiar.” I’ll never forget that one floppy ear, a scar from a surgery that only made her more adorable. Despite being bright white, she was always the stealthiest of our pets. Many nights I would wake from a dead sleep to find her sitting on my chest watching over me as I slept. I knew it was bad when she stopped sleeping with me.

I always felt I could have been a better master, but her love and affection towards me comforts me. Apparently I did enough, though I’ll always feel she deserved so much more.

Rest well my familiar, with you goes a piece of me.

Sunny 2007