Website Changes

So over the next few weeks, the website might look like rubbish. To keep my mind off the ulcer inducing stress of waiting for a Kickstarter campaign to play out, I am brushing up on my HTML skills and trying to learn CSS. Anyone that has experience with this sort of stuff will know the best way to learn is to apply the knowledge practically. Unfortunately, this means a lot of breaking websites.

I’m going to be stripping the website completely and starting with the mostly blank WordPress theme “Sandbox.” With this in mind, things might be out of place or look strange. I’m making a backup of the site as it is today just in case I completely destroy it, but I am honestly not that worried about that happening.

While I do this, please visit my Kickstarter and support it. Even if you can’t back it financially, please share it with your friends.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

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