Some Updates & More Pinball Stuff


One thing I failed to mention in my previous post about pinball is that there is a competative aspect to it. There is a tour of tournaments that all lead up to the World Championship for PAPA (Professional and Amateur Pinball Association). It seems that for that past few years, these competitions are getting larger each time around. They are getting so popular that most PAPA tournament events are now streamed online via PAPA TV on

This competitive world is now being recognized outside the pinball community and was featured on the gaming website Polygon. I’m telling you people… pinball is a’coming.


At the time of this post, we’re just shy of $900. The funds are trickling in. There is still plenty of time to support TELM. Even if you can’t pledge money, spread the word.

Voice of the Republic

The new Voice of the Republic is live on Youtube. Not going to embed that one since it’s just over two hours long. Feel free to check it out at your leisure. I think you can tell that all of us are kind of getting the shit kicked out of us by life right now. It flirts with turning into a “Cranky Old Man Cast,” but there was some really interesting discussions in there.