Inside a bubble

Growing up in South Eastern Ohio, there’s not much.  You really find yourself in a bit of a bubble.  Life is different.  Things that are important here, aren’t important in other parts of the world and vice versa.  Where I live, the most common idea of setting off into the world is moving to Columbus.  Nothing against the city, but for some reason it’s this strange beacon that makes you a worldly person.  Never mind the fact that there are states outside of Ohio and countries outside of America.  We are limited by a very narrow view of the world and even the slightest expanse can be lost on some of us.  Outside of Ohio is where you visit but never live.  It’s strange.

It becomes even more strange when you start to catch glimpses of this strange outside world.  A world where people aren’t white, don’t speak English and live a different sort of life.  Not a life that is better or worse, but just different.  It’s such a foreign feeling.  I feel like an alien on this planet sometimes despite my desire to be a citizen of the world.  This feeling is compounded when I see videos like this;

This is a video I found through Aasif Mandvi.  Mr. Mandvi might be best known as a corespondent on The Daily Show.  I recently started following him on twitter.  He is different than me.  Born in another country.  Raised with different, but someone common, religious beliefs.  Then a strange thing happens. Despite these differences, I feel a deep connection to him and the people in this video.  By some strange twist, this foreign world is now closer to me than ever before as I see other people that have just as much trouble understanding hate as I do.

It is hard for me to understand how anyone can hate so much that they lash out at random people that want nothing more than to be happy.  What and who’s purpose does that serve?  When in out modern history has any group of people ever gotten a long term benefit from attacking innocent people and causing terror?  In the short term you might achieve a goal or even make a point, but the path to true change is never paved with the bodies of innocent people.

At the end of the day, even if you get the change you’re looking for, you still have to live with the people that you hurt and they rarely forget what you’ve done.  So while you might be in power or have people living in fear today, it is only a matter of time when a tomorrow comes till those you have wronged can no longer ignore what you’ve done.   A civilization build on a foundation of bodies would better be built on a foundation of sand.

So go ahead and kill people because someone doesn’t agree with you.  Kill people because someone made you angry.  Threaten people because they say something that you think is offensive.  You are only proving the point that you have no place in this world.  In a world ever growing, full of different people coming closer together every day, you are running out of room.  Soon even the dark little corners of the Earth will no longer hide you and the sun will burn away the cancer that is your hate.

Say something... I dare you.