More updates coming

I am hoping that more updates will be coming. I know I say that a lot, but I think I really mean it this time. I plan on publishing more personal stuff here. Also updates on my writing. For example;

I have pretty much stopped all my non-fiction grind work to focus on finishing my first fiction piece. I don’t want to reveal anything yet because I think it’s a moderately original idea and if it pans out, it’s going to be an long term project for me. My big goal is to get this short story published and use it to establish a universe that I can come back to explore across various forms of media. I am about half way done with the first draft of what we’ll call “Story 1.” Once I am done with that I have another short story idea and a pilot script idea for a sci-fi television show.

One a more personal note, over the past couple weeks I have really put forth a solid effort to make changes in my life. Be more productive around the house, be more productive in my writing and be healthier both physically and mentally. I have found it easier for me to be lazy in the evening. When I am awake during normal daytime hours, I feel compelled to do things. So this led to the most my most visible change at this time. I have started setting my alarm for 9am every morning. Regardless of when I go to bed, 9am alarm clock. This might not sound like much to most people, but this is huge for me. On average, I am in bed by 7am on any given day and usually not up till around 4pm.

So I started setting my alarm for 9am. The first day I was up by 11:45. The next day, I was awake at 11:00. This has been progressing for a week or so till today. Today, I woke up at 9:13 after hitting the snooze bar only once. I’m really proud of that. I am hoping I can keep this up. If I can keep this up I will start adding more things to my routine piece by piece. Things such as regular exercise. God knows I need that…

Anyways, all that is to say I hope to update more and have updates of substance as well as personal fluff.

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