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Who is Carl Watkins?

Carl Watkins is a musician from Columbus who fuses his backgrounds in bluegrass and bluegrass into a unique spin on popular and folk music.

He spent a few years studying music at Muskingum College (now University) as a vocal performance major. It was at this time he started playing bass in the local college bands influenced by jam-bands, punk, and classic rock. After a few years of study, he realized he didn't need a degree to be unemployed and dropped out to pursue a full-time career in music.

Answering an ad for working bass player, he discovered bluegrass. He spent the next few years working with multiple bluegrass bands, including an extended period with Almost Famous Bluegrass Band. It was during this time that Carl began expanding past rock music into country, folk, and bluegrass. Unfortunately, Carl was forced to leave the spotlight and left the bluegrass world behind.

After moving to Columbus, Carl returned to the music scene. This time with a mix of his own songs and covers of popular music in his own unique style as a guitar troubadour.