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Music Time: Wandering or in the gutter

Prime Day: Reflections

It’s really my own fault. When a company like Amazon says it’s going to have “more deals than Black Friday,” it’s hard not to at least be interested in the hype train. Ever since I heard about the event I’ve been casually eyeballing it. I made sure to quickly trade in last term’s school books […]

Some thoughts about “Show, don’t tell.”

I love Warren Ellis. I would throw myself down and sacrifice my individual to become one with Warren Ellis, extending his life with my own. Not really, but I would think about it for a couple seconds. I really just love Warren Ellis. When I first began my quest to become a writer, my goal […]

Day Two: Summer is coming… errr… here…

Like I’ve mentioned on various social media and on this site, I’m bored. I guess I should update anyone that doesn’t keep up with me personally. I’ve gone back to school. The original plan is to get some courses done at a local community college and then transfer out to Ohio State University to major […]

It’s the Magic Number

Guerrilla Geek Content

I recently decided to get back into writing a bit, but was really disheartened when I realized a lot of my previously published content was no longer online. UGO has apparently changed its file directories and now all my articles for them are lost to the internet winds… but no big loss there. I basically […]

I’m paying for this shit…

So I might as well start using it again and get my money’s worth. Expect some content coming up over the next few months of some sort. We’ll see what I have the motivation to get done. Maybe some videos I’ve been promising for awhile, maybe more writing, and maybe even some of my unpublished […]

Words of Encouragement

Elvis died alone on the toilet, what hope is there for the rest of us? Have a great weekend!