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Update: My debut w/ Guerrilla Geek

I am proud to announce that I am now a contributor at Guerrilla Geek. Guerrilla Geek is a website that specializes in the geeky, the indie, and the places the they overlap. Hopefully you’ll see me writing articles on everything from movies, TV, comics, music, books, games and more. This will be a great change […]

Something new, interesting and fun!!!

So I am a member of The Node. It’s a social site that was created by Chris Hardwick. He seems like a cool enough guy and the guy that invited me is super cool. With these two things in mind, I decided to be more active there than other social sites I have a profile […]


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New Content

There will be some new content coming up here over the next few weeks.  Getting my head back in the game. I pinky swear it.

Second Welcome…

Thanks again for people checking out my little page here. I want to make it clear to everyone that this is a work in progress. I am slowly moving over the pieces that I have written for my podcast‘s blog and plan on posting some other content over here when it doesn’t quite fit the […]


This is going to be the new online home for Carl Watkins, podcast host and freelance writer.  Keep an eye out for news, writings and other such things here.