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VOR: Back to Business

Music Time on the Dance Floor

A Word on Sympathy and Good Taste

Early yesterday morning Jackass star Ryan Dunn was involved in a fatal car crash. He was coming from a bar and there were pictures of him with a drink in his hand a couple hours before the accident posted on his tumblr. Of course, the logical conclusion is that he was drinking and driving. For […]

Music Time: Gone Back Home…

Feeling very nostolgic at the moment and I have the following statement: Sorry kids today, but your music will never be this cool; That is all.

As I sit in Dallas waiting to fly…

I just want to share my thoughts that the general idea of commercial flight is pretty insane. You’re in a metal tube flying thousands of feet above the air… AND PEOPLE DO IT ALL THE TIME. We’re pretty insane as a race. It’s pretty cool though… Know what else is cool? Standing on the edge […]

My hastily assembled review of The Last

My hastily assembled review of The Last Airbender on

I Hate Your Favorite Game

I will not apologize. There is a list of games.  These games are the “best” games of all time.  These games are your favorite games. These are the games that everyone with “good” taste likes.  The games that are console sellers, killer apps and must plays.  Games that you love more than some family members. […]