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Pro-Wrestling: Due For a Renaissance.

School has been a mixed bag and I have been sick for about a week, and as a result I’m up well past midnight due to a midday nap. The good news is that it gives me some time to write. So here we go… I’m sure you already read the title, so you know […]

Prime Day: Reflections

It’s really my own fault. When a company like Amazon says it’s going to have “more deals than Black Friday,” it’s hard not to at least be interested in the hype train. Ever since I heard about the event I’ve been casually eyeballing it. I made sure to quickly trade in last term’s school books […]

Some thoughts about “Show, don’t tell.”

I love Warren Ellis. I would throw myself down and sacrifice my individual to become one with Warren Ellis, extending his life with my own. Not really, but I would think about it for a couple seconds. I really just love Warren Ellis. When I first began my quest to become a writer, my goal […]

Day Two: Summer is coming… errr… here…

Like I’ve mentioned on various social media and on this site, I’m bored. I guess I should update anyone that doesn’t keep up with me personally. I’ve gone back to school. The original plan is to get some courses done at a local community college and then transfer out to Ohio State University to major […]

Daily Writing: Leather

“I don’t feel comfortable.” “They’re leather pants; no one is comfortable in leather pants.” He tugged at the waist band of the pants and wiggled around like a kid that had to use the bathroom. “I don’t mean I feel uncomfortable physically. I mean I feel uncomfortable in general. This feels really sexual and I’m […]

Daily Writings: untitled

Everything else had a title. Revenue Trends for 2010.xls, Marketing Assessments in Sports Sponsorship.rtf or intergalactic.mp3. Every single file on his laptop was meticulously labeled and organized by folders. So what could untitled.jpg be? Was it a picture of another woman? Sally damned herself for looking at the recently opened files tab that accidently popped […]

Daily Writings: Vast

To a person with anxiety issues, one of the most unnerving ideas is the idea of infinity. The thought that there is no end and no definable border to space or reality is most unsettling. The pure scope of our existence can be crippling if one is allowed to dwell on the topic. For example, […]

Something new, interesting and fun!!!

So I am a member of The Node. It’s a social site that was created by Chris Hardwick. He seems like a cool enough guy and the guy that invited me is super cool. With these two things in mind, I decided to be more active there than other social sites I have a profile […]