Get Your Own Carl!

Need a guest for a podcast? Want a guest writer for your site or magazine? If so, you’re in luck sir or madame! Yes, even you can get your own Carl Watkins!

Part of being a freelance writer and internet personality means you can hire me to do work for you. Now at this point you might be asking your monitor “Why should I hire Carl Watkins?” Well crazy person that talks to their electronics, I am a no nonsense creativity machine. I have produced and co-hosted a long running podcast. I have served as an editor and writer at the up and coming geek chic website Guerrilla Geek. I have made friends across the world and always have an opinion regardless of the subject. Simply put, I am entertaining, clever and fun to be around.

Here are some examples of my work;
Playing for Pennies – Escapist Magazine
An interview with Paul Alborough, AKA Professor Elemental – Guerrilla Geek
Tron: Legacy Review – Guerrilla Geek
Eulogy of a Hardcore Gamer – Guerrilla Geek

At this time I have no set rates or pay requirements, so if you’re interested in having a little bit of Carl in your media contact me via email and we can hammer out the details.

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