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Some thoughts about “Show, don’t tell.”

I love Warren Ellis. I would throw myself down and sacrifice my individual to become one with Warren Ellis, extending his life with my own. Not really, but I would think about it for a couple seconds. I really just love Warren Ellis. When I first began my quest to become a writer, my goal […]

Online Piracy: A War of Attrition that Only Hurts Consumers

The past couple months have been filled with some unique experiences for me in terms of piracy. Historically, I have downloaded content. I think most of us have. But these strange events have nothing to do with pirating content. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. There have been multiple times where I have legally purchased […]

DC Comics’ Website Brings the LOLz

In case you missed it, “writer” and “artist” Rob Liefeld has completely lost his mind. He has left all his books at DC Comics and then as a proactive move, started tweeting about the decision. He claimed he wanted to get the truth out there before the publisher started to spin the news. It all […]

Review: Cold War #1

Having written or drawn nearly every Superhero in the comic books, few people in the industry have a career as noted as John Byrne. Recently he has been partnering up with IDW Publishing on various projects, with his latest creation being the Espionage/Thriller Cold War. Cold War, both written and drawn by Byrne, follows the […]

IDW Announces Death of Optimus Prime

Big things are on the horizon for the Robots in Disguises. Today IDW announced that its 150th issue set in the Transformer Universe, set to be released in December, will be titled Transformers: The Death of Optimus Prime. As the events of the Chaos story line draw to a close, there will be very little […]

Collecting Yourself into the Ground

So pissed off from my trip to the mall. There’s a place there called “The Bargain Box.” The owner just opened a stand alone comic shop. It’s terrible. There are more crappy dvds than comics in the shop. Anyways I’m getting off topic. I go to “Comix & Collectibles” in hopes of finding an Action […]

Review: Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

Regardless how you feel about DC Comics’ relaunch, it must be conceded that they are attempting to expand their scope. While their Vertigo imprint has always pushed the boundaries with comics like V for Vendetta and Transmetropolitan, DC Comics proper usually stuck to the mainstream. With this relaunch we’re seeing a lot of comics coming […]

Notes on the DC Relaunch

Ryan recently informed me that I am the only person that is looking forward to the DC New 52 Relaunch. I am honestly excited for it. I think some of their choices are very interesting. They seem to be looking to take the general DC Universe into traditionally Vertigo waters. I have been on a […]